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Faithful Return

By: Iman A. Alaseery


This is the story of three women from Philippine who came to work as dress-makers in Saudi Arabia. Their sponsor had provided them accommodation in the same shop where they were working. Their supervisor was the sister of their sponsor. This lady was a pious Muslima with noble manners. As Muslims always start their work with the pronunciation, "Bismi Allah" which means "In the name of God" she also advised them to do so. Since their belief was different from her she explained to them that it is pronounced to gain God's help to finish the job and to have it blessed.


As Muslims are required to pray five times a day, their supervisor used to fulfill her obligation towards her God by daily performance of the prayers in the shop. Apart from this the three Philipinas observed that she was always remembering and invocating Allah. Sometimes they found her to attentively listening to the recitation of the Holy Qur'an or Islamic lectures on the recorder set. These three Philipinas had not seen a Muslim performing their prayers to their God so they found this action somewhat strange. They had no knowledge of Arabic language hence when their supervisor was supplicating to her God they could not understand its meaning. All of this made them very curious to know what was the aim & reason behind these actions and supplications.


To get answers to their question they were searching for an English speaking customer, but they found out that most of them were Arabic speakers. At last they found a lady who could communicate with them in English. They grabbed this opportunity and flooded her with all their questions. This lady was more than happy to provide them with books and cassettes which went a long way in helping these Philipinas to learn more about Islam and increased their knowledge about the host culture.


Finally, having satisfied their curiosity about those things which they had found strange, they took the ultimate step, they wanted to revert to the True religion. They asked their supervisor as to how they can embrace Islam. When she heard this she was delighted and gladly offered to help them. She in turn informed her brother about this good news. He took them to the Communities Center where they pronounced the Testimonies of Faith.




Source: www.islamunveiled.org




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